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How To Use Employee Survey Exit Interviews

Posted by Ethan Hawkes on Aug 2, 2016 12:00:00 PM
Ethan Hawkes
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After an employee leaves a company it’s customary to conduct an exit interview.

It’s good practice to know how happy employees are working at your business, but it’s even better to know why they leave. Exit interviews have been around for ages and sometimes conducting them can be awkward.

A majority of businesses still conduct interviews through the awkwardness because they know how valuable exit interviews can be. Companies can gather information from soon-to-be-former employees on how they view the company, what their work environment was actually like and why exactly they are leaving the company.

Most importantly, employees are more likely to be honest about the parts of the job that made them unhappy in an exit interview. Talking bad about the boss while still working for him or her generally doesn’t bode well for those wanting to continue collecting a paycheck.

This information can be tracked and analysed to help your company figure out what is causing workers to leave and save your company tons of money in the long run. The cost of employee turnover adds up quickly particularly in the restaurant or hospitality industry. 

Unless you’re leaving on the best terms possible, conducting these interviews can be awkward!

The Survey Exit Interview:

Here’s a tip: Don’t ask all of the questions in-person. Send a follow up survey to former employees after the interview.

This method has two main benefits:

  • The actual in-person interview will still happen. The interviewer will still be able to ask follow up questions to some of the employee’s responses and overall leave the employee feeling they’re still cared about by your business.
  • Employees already answer more honestly in exit interviews, but the answers will be even more honest if they’re not directly talking to a person. This is true even with normal customer feedback surveys.

Many survey apps (including SurveyMe) are perfect for conducting exit interviews after having an in-person interview. Conducting survey exit interviews is great for any business, but invaluable if your company has a large amount of layoffs.

Tips for a survey exit interview:

  • Create a simple survey template all exiting employees have to fill out. This will make tracking trends a lot easier as you can compare answers easily.

  • When you spot a trend, take action. You can even alert current employees that this was due to past feedback, which will make them feel listened to.

  • Use open ended questions. Theses allow the employee to truly express how they feel about the company. Combine these questions with a rating scale on how employees feel about the company and you have a recipe for vetting useful feedback from a rage of people.

Next time your business conducts an exit interview, consider adding a survey to it. You might be surprised by what your employees really think.

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