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Why you should Embrace Instant Gratification

Posted by SurveyMe on Jul 26, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Need to know how tall Nicolas Cage is? Boom. Google it and it instantly pops up. Want to see how cells in the human body duplicate? Boom. Whip out your phone and instantly find out.

Today, we have access to everything instantly and it’s universally expected. We live in a society where we demand instant gratification.

Smart businesses know this is how the world works now and are adapting to it. Amazon debuted its Prime service with two day shipping almost 11 years ago. But now two-day shipping isn’t fast enough. Now we have Amazon Prime Now, where customers can get items delivered to your door in less than an hour.

People today don’t bother to wait. We live in a busy society where time is money and we’re picky about where we invest it.

Remember how you had to look up something in the encyclopedia to see if it was real or not? It took ages to flip to the right section and then hope it was up to date. Now you just have to ask Google or Siri to find out if eating raw eggs is really that bad for you.

Even our social interactions are only a few taps away.

It only takes a few seconds to call a friend who most likely already has their phone on them and if they don’t pick up it only takes a second to shoot them a text or a Facebook message.

Information and human interaction is at our fingertips and we get frustrated when every other part of our life isn’t. This is why a smart connected home is hot right now. Who has time to drive all the way home just to see if the garage door is open? There’s an app (and a +$100 piece of hardware) for that!

Okay, you know it exists, but why do people like instant gratification so much? Why do we desire to be satisfied instantly?

Our desire for instant gratification isn’t actually a new phenomenon, but modern technology makes it easier than ever. Back when humans were hunters and gatherers, we survived on a ‘pleasure principle.’

This principle is the driving force that satisfies our needs, wants and desires. Sometimes this is basic, like eating or sleeping, but sometimes it can be more complicated, like the desire for social validation.

Not getting these needs fulfilled will give us anxiety, but fulfilling them will give an instant hit of pleasure. This central drive is still in us after all these years. Ages ago we had to work long and hard for this pleasure response, but now to connect socially or find a place to eat or sleep we can just turn to our smartphones.

We’re used to this now. If there is any delay people, especially customers, can get frustrated and will find another way to satisfy their need.  

This is why instant rewards are the way to go when conducting surveys and foot traffic incentives. No points to collect, no punch cards to stamp just instant rewards.

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