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How to calculate your Net Promoter Score

You may already know the single most important question you can ask your customers is, “On a scale of zero to ten, how likely is it that you would recommend [your business] to a friend or colleague?”  Add a rating scale of “0 = Not at all likely to ...

Tips for your KILLER follow up questions

If you read our blog, about the most important question you can ever ask your customers, then you’ll understand how their feedback and perceptions will help you understand where you are and in which direction your business is generally heading. ...

Facts about Customer Service

A simple infographic to give some useful highlights for Customer Service or Feedback.

The MOST important question you need to ask your customers

We are often asked this question and fortunately for you people a lot smarter than us have already spent years researching the answer…!  

If you use online surveys, Mobile Survey Apps are the next generation.

Web or email survey software like Survey Monkey, Zoho (and the millions of other options) have been around for many years whereas mobile survey apps are still relatively new – the first few having appeared 18 months ago. It’s hardly surprising that ...

Why Mobile Survey Apps Improve Your Customer Engagement

If you’re one of those business decision-makers that view collecting customer feedback as a chore, you may be surprised to learn that you are in the majority!  Research shows, however, that businesses without even the simplest ‘voice of the ...

Why mobile reward apps increase customer loyalty

To define ‘loyalty’ some principles from Neuroscience can contribute to our understanding of how our brains respond to emotions, memories, social interactivity and rewards.

Why mobile apps?

In only 6 years smart phone apps have revolutionised the way we do many common things that were traditionally done with paper or on desk-top computers. Things like reading a book or newspaper, or redeeming a discount reward voucher. In reality, ...

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