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4 Customer Engagement Strategies Using A Mobile Survey App

Surveys are an exceptional way for your company or organization to remain in touch with your customers’ or clients’ needs.  In this increasingly mobile and digital world, delivering surveys to thousands of people at once has become easy.    With all ...

Are Mobile Apps Irrelevant?

As websites becomes more powerful and robust, phones apps have to compete by offering users a unique and compelling reason to download the app onto their phone.

What You Need to Know About Real Time Consumer Feedback

 Today’s consumers are used to having their customer experience tailored to their exact needs. They’re accustomed to companies going out of their way to impress them.  It’s a digital world, and one bad review can circle the globe in just a day or ...

Top 10 US Cities For Engaged Employees

A list of the Top 10 US Cities that have the most Engaged Employees.

How Google Sees Value in Real-Time Feedback

We recently read an article about Google launching quick user feedback survey’s inside Google Play Store and we already know they launched ‘Google Rewards Opinions’ to survey large communities of users of their products in return for a small Play ...

7 Facts About Employee Engagement

Engaged employees leads to happy customers, says mountains of research. This is why we are seeing a huge rise in businesses using SurveyMe and other feedback software to get feedback from their staff.

When is the right time to catch your customers?

A wise crab fisherman once said, “there are three kinds of people in business – those that makes things happen, those that wait for things to happen and those who wonder what they bloody hell just happened”. 

Don't Yelp! Why suing your customers is a bad idea

Yet another small business has reached the national headlines for suing a customer who gave them negative reviews on Yelp.

How to resuscitate your business & get more customers

There is a great book full of business common sense by a guy called Eric Ries. It’s called the Lean Start Up. One of the many things that Eric argues is that having released a minimum viable product (i.e. something that you’ve already got some ...

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