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How to take the pulse of your non-profit organization using surveys

"Why is attendance down this week? Did I say something wrong at our last meeting?" As a leader of a religious organization or non-profit, it can be hard to know exactly how the troops are feeling.

How to use required questions without making your customers groan

From my time at SurveyMe, I've noticed businesses either use too many or too little-required questions on their customer surveys. The perfect balance of required questions is when they don't annoy active participants but get the information out of ...

What is a baseline survey and when should I use it?

We'll be honest, baseline surveys are sometimes called baseline studies and are used by the scientific research community mostly for monitoring environmental changes. They are a huge part of the process known as the Monitoring, Learning and ...

A quick guide to creating an effective survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are commonplace in the modern retail environment because knowing your customer's thoughts is invaluable. Knowledge is power after all.

Build, measure, learn: How surveys build up your business

Knowledge - especially knowledge about your customers - is power. However, to get the right information, you have to ask the right questions. When it comes to developing products and services, and making changes to them, we’re partial to Eric Ries’, ...

3 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn

Customers leaving your business for a competitor or other alternative, aka customer churn, is detrimental to your customer lifetime value as well as your ability to grow as an organization. You know that increasing customer satisfaction and building ...

4 reasons to use customer feedback surveys

Customer surveys have been around for decades, but recently questions have arisen if they’re still a viable way to learn about your customers. In an age of instant gratification and the widespread use of social media, there are been more and more ...

4 examples of surveys as marketing

When you think of surveys, your mind probably jumps to gathering customer feedback, but some companies use them to engage with customers in unique ways.

Why Till Receipt Surveys are Out of Date

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