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Improving customer retention: 4 things we can learn from dogs

How do we keep our customers engaged and loyal? This is the question that pretty much stumps us all.  

How to use customer surveys to gather testimonials

Testimonials can be a hassle to gather, but they’re also extremely crucial for showing new customers your legitimacy. Luckily, customer surveys gathered through SurveyMe can be an excellent way of collecting testimonials privately and then ...

Are you on the fast track to customer feedback?

Have you ever asked your customers directly what they think about you, your products, your team or your services? Or does your feedback system make you feel like you’ve missed the train and delivered too little, too late?

Why Net Promoter Score isn't totally perfect

We’ve touted the greatness of the Net Promoter Score, also known as the NPS score, before. In fact, we think every business should have the question on their survey somewhere.

Why it makes financial sense to use customer feedback surveys

The fact is, surveys are by far the most valuable way to monitor your customer's experience. They simply make financial sense when you compare other customer experience methods like hiring an agency or social media monitoring. Survey software is ...

When should you use required questions on a customer survey?

You've completed your survey and have deployed it out into the wild, but you're not getting the number of responses you had hoped for. Survey length is the number one reason for respondent drop out, but another reason may be you have forced ...

How to use open-ended questions on a customer survey

This screenshot is the most intimidating screen a writer will face.

What is real-time feedback? And why do mobile survey apps excel at it?

When I first joined SurveyMe, I was told one of our main selling points was real-time feedback. At the time, I had no idea what real-time feedback actually was. I thought it was  businesses being able to retrieve their survey results as soon as the ...

12 questions for event planners to ask after or during a convention or festival

Any business in charge or running conventions, festivals or any other type of event requires a different set of questions than a typical business.

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