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Testing Employee Engagement – Benefits and Strategies

One of the most important things a business owner can do is make sure that their employees are engaged with the company. What does employee engagement mean? It’s easy to confuse employee engagement or employee loyalty with employee happiness or ...

What Employees Really Want - 8 Employee Retention Policies to Implement Now

What do the greediest and most generous entrepreneurs have in common? If they are savvy enough to invest in employee happiness, it will benefit their bottom line. Happy employees are 20% more productive, happy salespeople are 37% more lucrative. Why ...

9 Non-Monetary Ways to Motivate Employees

Would it shock you to learn that the yearly cost in lost productivity from disengaged employees is estimated at $960 billion - $1.2 trillion per year? Ouch! Stop the bleeding!

5 Ways to Improve Millennial and Gen Z Employee Engagement

Did you know that less than half of all millennials and members of Gen Z feel connected to their jobs and more than 40% say they would make a change if another opportunity arose?

Improving Employee Satisfaction: Three Tips

The customer is number one, but don't forget about your employees! We talk a lot about customer satisfaction but don't forget about employee satisfaction as well. A happy staff stops costly employee turnover and increases customer satisfaction. Of ...

How to discover why employees are unhappy

If you've been following us at SurveyMe, we frequently stress the idea that engaged, happy employees are heavily correlated with satisfied customers. We urge employers and supervisors to constantly seek out their employees’ perspectives and ...

Anonymous Surveys: Get Your Team to Open Up

You care about your team. You put a lot of thought and effort into being a good leader. You give them constant and constructive feedback, and you are sure to point out when they do a great job. You know you're doing a great job because you get ...

It's time to adopt an employee reward system

Employee morale is one of the critical factors in measuring the health of your organization. One of the best ways to keep morale high is to implement a strategic employee reward system. In fact, all organizations big and small should have a reward ...

How To Use Employee Survey Exit Interviews

After an employee leaves a company it’s customary to conduct an exit interview.

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