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Improving customer retention: 4 things we can learn from dogs

How do we keep our customers engaged and loyal? This is the question that pretty much stumps us all.  

How to improve customer engagement in a mobile world

Customer satisfaction and engagement are two different but related elements that are important for improving your business. Just because a customer is satisfied with your business though, doesn't mean they are necessarily engaged with it. After all, ...

Which airlines rank highest and lowest in customer satisfaction?

With the holidays in full swing, it's time to travel back home. But with tons of options domestically it can be a tough decision.  Luckily the American Customer Satisfaction Index surveyed the public and found the best and the worst.

How the Pyramid of Customer Service can create customer loyalty

The key to managing customer satisfaction is to look at everything through the eyes of your customer. It may sound obvious, but try to see a customer's situation, good or bad, from their perspective.

How consistency can improve customer satisfaction

Consistency has never been an exciting topic when it comes to management. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely important one, especially in the context of customer satisfaction. It’s also important because the sort of stable consistency that increases ...

How exactly does customer satisfaction affect a business?

Customers being satisfied with your business's performance is important, but when we discuss “customer satisfaction,” we usually mean it in a quantifiable sense. That is, "how satisfied are your customers?" The answer to this question matters—a lot. ...

4 reasons to use customer feedback surveys

Customer surveys have been around for decades, but recently questions have arisen if they’re still a viable way to learn about your customers. In an age of instant gratification and the widespread use of social media, there are been more and more ...

Why you should Embrace Instant Gratification

Need to know how tall Nicolas Cage is? Boom. Google it and it instantly pops up. Want to see how cells in the human body duplicate? Boom. Whip out your phone and instantly find out.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys are linked to Customer Relationships

While customers and brands have always had complex relationships, it has been exceedingly difficult to measure and analyse those relationships in the past. However, today we have access to incredibly sophisticated (yet easy to use!) tools that can ...

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