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Customer loyalty isn't dead, it's just changing

We preach the wonders of customer loyalty all day and night here at SurveyMe, but we’re well aware customer loyalty doesn’t work the same way it used to. This is not to say it’s dying. In fact, according to a Facebook survey of 14,700 adults, ...

From paper to mobile survey apps, the history of collecting data

Can you imagine collecting paper surveys, writing down the results manually and then trying to draw conclusions from it? That's how surveys were collected back in the day and sometimes even still today! That sounds completely miserable. Luckily, ...

The smartphone market is stagnant, but customers win with universal mobile apps

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone to the world. Since its introduction, mobile devices have never been the same.

4 Customer Engagement Strategies Using A Mobile Survey App

Surveys are an exceptional way for your company or organization to remain in touch with your customers’ or clients’ needs.  In this increasingly mobile and digital world, delivering surveys to thousands of people at once has become easy.    With all ...

How to measure your MHX to get information gold

Recent research by SurveyMe conducted with over 3,000 businesses globally, shows that 88%of businesses decision-makers stated that knowing what customers think of their business is important. Yet only 50% of them are actually collecting customer ...

How Google Sees Value in Real-Time Feedback

We recently read an article about Google launching quick user feedback survey’s inside Google Play Store and we already know they launched ‘Google Rewards Opinions’ to survey large communities of users of their products in return for a small Play ...

7 Facts About Employee Engagement

Engaged employees leads to happy customers, says mountains of research. This is why we are seeing a huge rise in businesses using SurveyMe and other feedback software to get feedback from their staff.

When is the right time to catch your customers?

A wise crab fisherman once said, “there are three kinds of people in business – those that makes things happen, those that wait for things to happen and those who wonder what they bloody hell just happened”. 

Don't Yelp! Why suing your customers is a bad idea

Yet another small business has reached the national headlines for suing a customer who gave them negative reviews on Yelp.

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