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Solidarity for all those fighting cancer. Suport from CEO Lee Evans

Solidarity for all those fighting cancer

Monday February 03, 2014

Cancer is one of those things that you think ‘it will never happen to me’ and if it doesn’t you thank your lucky stars!


Over the last few years we have unfortunately been touch by this unlucky hand through family members , friends and loved ones. For those around victims of cancer you find yourself in a position where there is very little you can do to help other than be there to support. We wish there was more we could do.


Recently the wife of one of our team members started extensive treatment so we sat wracking our brains to find something we could do to help them both. Cooking or going out was not an option due to the nature of chemotherapy and the loss of appetite, sending books or magazines seemed like a feeble act, flowers felt predictable. So what we came up with was for our CEO to shave his hair in solidarity for Julie #init4jules, who was now starting to lose some hair due to treatment.


So we would like to share with you the before and after pictures (you should also know hairdresser had an accident with the clippers!!).


We are glad to report that when Julie saw these pictures and heard the story last week – she laughed a lot, so mission accomplished we think!


This is dedicated to all those people who currently fighting or who have lost their fight to this terrible disease.


#init4jules #thechristie