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How to use open-ended questions on a customer survey

This screenshot is the most intimidating screen a writer will face.

What is real-time feedback? And why do mobile survey apps excel at it?

When I first joined SurveyMe, I was told one of our main selling points was real-time feedback. At the time, I had no idea what real-time feedback actually was. I thought it was  businesses being able to retrieve their survey results as soon as the ...

12 questions for event planners to ask after or during a convention or festival

Any business in charge or running conventions, festivals or any other type of event requires a different set of questions than a typical business.

Why customer engagement is the best tool for gauging customer loyalty

It’s no secret. Companies must retain customers in order to remain in business. The difficulty lies in determining which tools most effectively evaluate, forecast, and increase customer loyalty. For the last 30 years, customer satisfaction has been ...

Improving Employee Satisfaction: Three Tips

The customer is number one, but don't forget about your employees! We talk a lot about customer satisfaction but don't forget about employee satisfaction as well. A happy staff stops costly employee turnover and increases customer satisfaction. Of ...

How coupons are used in the United States

When a business starts rewarding feedback, usually they have a hard time figuring out what to reward. We always recommend businesses give out coupons to start with and here's some stats to prove why.

Customer loyalty isn't dead, it's just changing

We preach the wonders of customer loyalty all day and night here at SurveyMe, but we’re well aware customer loyalty doesn’t work the same way it used to. This is not to say it’s dying. In fact, according to a Facebook survey of 14,700 adults, ...

How to take the pulse of your non-profit organization using surveys

"Why is attendance down this week? Did I say something wrong at our last meeting?" As a leader of a religious organization or non-profit, it can be hard to know exactly how the troops are feeling.

How to use required questions without making your customers groan

From my time at SurveyMe, I've noticed businesses either use too many or too little-required questions on their customer surveys. The perfect balance of required questions is when they don't annoy active participants but get the information out of ...

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