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How to craft rewards that keep your customers coming back

Clients often ask us what they should give their guests as a reward for feedback. In simple terms, knowing what your customer's value will allow you to create the best reward.

How the Pyramid of Customer Service can create customer loyalty

The key to managing customer satisfaction is to look at everything through the eyes of your customer. It may sound obvious, but try to see a customer's situation, good or bad, from their perspective.

Optimize your marketing and advertising with surveys

Every business owner wants to grow their business by attracting new customers to it. Wanting and doing, of course, are two very different things.  Thanks to banner-blindness and the overwhelming amount of emails and ads customers receive, ...

The evolution of advertising, from billboards to mobile apps

Billboards, as we know today, were invented in 1889 when the world’s first 21 sheet billboard was displayed at Paris Exposition. Ever since, billboards have been used to advertise everything from circuses, cars, and upcoming movies.

How to discover why employees are unhappy

If you've been following us at SurveyMe, we frequently stress the idea that engaged, happy employees are heavily correlated with satisfied customers. We urge employers and supervisors to constantly seek out their employees’ perspectives and ...

Mobile apps are not the future, they're now

For years, you’ve been hearing, from us and the rest of the web, how businesses need to get with the future and embrace mobile. Tons of businesses have embraced mobile by creating responsive websites, launching their own mobile apps and optimizing ...

Anonymous Surveys: Get Your Team to Open Up

You care about your team. You put a lot of thought and effort into being a good leader. You give them constant and constructive feedback, and you are sure to point out when they do a great job. You know you're doing a great job because you get ...

Build, measure, learn: How surveys build up your business

Knowledge - especially knowledge about your customers - is power. However, to get the right information, you have to ask the right questions. When it comes to developing products and services, and making changes to them, we’re partial to Eric Ries’, ...

How consistency can improve customer satisfaction

Consistency has never been an exciting topic when it comes to management. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely important one, especially in the context of customer satisfaction. It’s also important because the sort of stable consistency that increases ...

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