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How coupons are used in the United States

When a business starts rewarding feedback, usually they have a hard time figuring out what to reward. We always recommend businesses give out coupons to start with and here's some stats to prove why.

Customer loyalty isn't dead, it's just changing

We preach the wonders of customer loyalty all day and night here at SurveyMe, but we’re well aware customer loyalty doesn’t work the same way it used to. This is not to say it’s dying. In fact, according to a Facebook survey of 14,700 adults, ...

How to take the pulse of your non-profit organization using surveys

"Why is attendance down this week? Did I say something wrong at our last meeting?" As a leader of a religious organization or non-profit, it can be hard to know exactly how the troops are feeling.

How to use required questions without making your customers groan

From my time at SurveyMe, I've noticed businesses either use too many or too little-required questions on their customer surveys. The perfect balance of required questions is when they don't annoy active participants but get the information out of ...

What is a baseline survey and when should I use it?

We'll be honest, baseline surveys are sometimes called baseline studies and are used by the scientific research community mostly for monitoring environmental changes. They are a huge part of the process known as the Monitoring, Learning and ...

A quick guide to creating an effective survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are commonplace in the modern retail environment because knowing your customer's thoughts is invaluable. Knowledge is power after all.

8 productivity tools we're thankful for this year

Around the halls of SurveyMe, we talk a lot about creating wow moments for customers. We're customers too. "Wow, that's cool!" is something I frequently finding myself saying every time I find a program that saves me time.

Which airlines rank highest and lowest in customer satisfaction?

With the holidays in full swing, it's time to travel back home. But with tons of options domestically it can be a tough decision.  Luckily the American Customer Satisfaction Index surveyed the public and found the best and the worst.

From paper to mobile survey apps, the history of collecting data

Can you imagine collecting paper surveys, writing down the results manually and then trying to draw conclusions from it? That's how surveys were collected back in the day and sometimes even still today! That sounds completely miserable. Luckily, ...

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