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How to Successfully Incorporate the Challenger Sale Strategy into Your Business

If you’re in sales and haven’t heard about “The Challenger Sale,” chances are you’ll be caught up in the buzz soon enough. The book, written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson along with their team, investigates and presents an argument for the ...

How to Boost Holiday Sales by Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

The holiday season is here and brands have already started to come up with strategies to make as much profit as they can from the massive spending taking place.

Are you a Game Changer? The Strategy of Insight Sales

Do you like to go with the flow, tiptoe in the shadows and fly under the radar? If so, Insight Sales is not for you. Insight sales is based on persuading clients to break with their outdated, faulty business strategies in exchange for new solutions. ...

The Solution to Solution Selling

You looked at a problem and saw an opportunity. You formulated a solution that works, and works well; but how do you get the word out so that consumers find your solution? Welcome to Solution Selling.

Turns Out there ARE Stupid Questions: Learn How to Ask the Right Ones

Stop asking stupid questions...on surveys There is no such thing as a stupid question. But what about a stupid question choice? That, unfortunately, is problematic. I understand your quest for customer feedback -- it’s crucial to the life of your ...

Why the Challenger Sale Methodology is a Top Sales Strategy

Your sales team is vital to the success of your business. Business owners look for sales reps that excel at relationship building, because everyone knows that’s the most important skill for a sales rep to possess. Or, is it? In their book, “The ...

9 Non-Monetary Ways to Motivate Employees

Would it shock you to learn that the yearly cost in lost productivity from disengaged employees is estimated at $960 billion - $1.2 trillion per year? Ouch! Stop the bleeding!

10 Ways to Draw in Millennial Customers by Supporting Social Causes

As a product of the fabulous, egocentric 80’s, it’s refreshing to speak with my Millennial and Gen Z friends about the world and their hope to make it a better place. They claim to only buy from companies trying to better the world, and I believe ...

What You Need to Know to Resolve Common Customer Satisfaction Issues

Did you know it costs a whopping 5 times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain the customers you already have? Makes you wonder why we don’t spend a little more time on it. In addition, Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company tells us ...

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