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Survey Says: Our nationwide concession survey results (part 1 of 4)

This is the first of a 4 part series and we hope you find the results as fascinating as we did!

How Mobile Surveys can take your Film Festivals from good to great

Did you know that this year there will be 2000 to 3000 film festivals in North America alone? Almost every major US city boasts several film festivals, all trying to find that one movie gem. That one needle in a cinematic haystack. Some festivals ...

Disguising your surveys (for more responses!) using the science of fun

What do costumes, Cyndi Lauper and the science of fun have to do with surveys?

Why you should use surveys to segment customers into personas

When was the last time you took a close look at what drives and motivates your current and potential customers?   

Improving customer retention: 4 things we can learn from dogs

How do we keep our customers engaged and loyal? This is the question that pretty much stumps us all.  

How to improve customer engagement in a mobile world

Customer satisfaction and engagement are two different but related elements that are important for improving your business. Just because a customer is satisfied with your business though, doesn't mean they are necessarily engaged with it. After all, ...

Trouble with the Curve: Why you need instant feedback

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a customer taking a survey immediately versus a customer taking a survey more than 24 hours after an experience? 

Beyond the Obvious: The Importance of Customer Surveys

It’s pretty obvious surveys help you target areas where your business feels the most pain, but unless your company actually bases its strategy on your customers’ responses, customer satisfaction surveys are useless. In spite of this, sometimes it’s ...

How to use customer surveys to gather testimonials

Testimonials can be a hassle to gather, but they’re also extremely crucial for showing new customers your legitimacy. Luckily, customer surveys gathered through SurveyMe can be an excellent way of collecting testimonials privately and then ...

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