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Mobile apps are not the future, they're now

Posted by SurveyMe on Oct 18, 2016 9:05:06 AM

For years, you’ve been hearing, from us and the rest of the web, how businesses need to get with the future and embrace mobile. Tons of businesses have embraced mobile by creating responsive websites, launching their own mobile apps and optimizing their emails for multiple formats of screens.

We hate to break it to you, but if you don’t already have a mobile strategy, you’re behind the times.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, recently said, "What's really going on, big picture, is that we're living through the fastest adoption of a communication technology that the world has ever seen." She went on to say, the average American checks his or her smartphone 150 times a day.

This is nothing to scoff at. When the COO of Facebook,who knows a thing or two about how people behave, says the market is going mobile businesses better listen up. 

Customers have officially moved to mobile, but a lot of businesses have not. According to Sandberg, only 40 percent of businesses are making ads targeting mobile devices. Of course, this statistic is only for ads on Facebook and there are many more mobile advertising options, but the point still stands.

Businesses need to go to where the customers are and that's in the mobile phone space. Everyone is constantly on their mobile phones, checking one of the many social media platforms to see what friends are up to, looking at Yelp to see where to eat and using Google maps to know how to get there. We’re more reliant on our phones and the mobile apps they run than ever before.

According to comScore, the use of mobile continues to grow even in just the last 3 years!



The graph above shows just how much mobile browsing has taken over traditional desktop use as a primary media consumption. Desktop usage has gone down a whopping 16% in three years.

Mobile phones are particularly popular with younger generations, who browse on mobile double as much as people double their age. 




Users age 18 to 24 spend 93 hours a month visiting websites on their mobile devices. What’s shocking is even the older generations (55-64) smartphone usage has gone up nearly 35% in a year.

Those desperately holding on to their dumb phones are being forced to replace them with much smarter phones. The probable reason is technology advances it’s harder to buy a flip phone than it is to buy a basic smartphone.


Despite modern websites almost always being optimized for the web, users of mobile devices seem to enjoy spending more time on a mobile app. As of June 2016, 74% of mobile usage is inside a mobile app

This is because mobile apps offer more security, speed and offline support for your customers. Of course, make sure your website is mobile-friendly for potential customers visiting your website before they make a decision to buy.

If your brand is thinking about embracing the mobile marketplace good thinking! But better do it sooner than later, because your company is no longer “looking ahead” it’s actually “behind the times.”

Signing up for a pilot with SurveyMe is a great first step in getting in with the mobile market. 

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