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Improving Employee Satisfaction: Three Tips

Posted by SurveyMe on Feb 16, 2017 9:39:41 AM

The customer is number one, but don't forget about your employees! We talk a lot about customer satisfaction but don't forget about employee satisfaction as well.

A happy staff stops costly employee turnover and increases customer satisfaction. Of course, we always suggest the use of employee satisfaction surveys to root out any staff complaints specific to your business. However, these are some general tips you can use to supplement your response to the survey results.  

Get to know your staff 

In a hectic office, especially when you’re the supervisor, owner, or a senior manager, it can be easy to neglect getting to know your employees well. You’re probably not going to be invited to employee lunches at the deli next door or happy hour after work and that’s just fine. After all, it’s good for your staff to spend time together without the pressure of management being there. However, it’s important to set aside time to get to know what’s important in your employees’ lives outside of the workplace. 

Having some insight into your employees’ lives, whether it’s some knowledge of their family life, information about their hobbies, etc. can be helpful in understanding their individual needs. This knowledge makes you a better leader. Additionally, taking the time to learn these things demonstrates to your employees that you care about them and view them as people.  

Review and improve training practices 

All too often, we consider training an obstacle to be overcome before getting to the “real” work. It’s vital to remember that learning is a real part of your employees’ work and that you need to do your best to facilitate that. It is extremely rare when an organizations’ training practices have no room for improvement. Consider new hire training, training refreshers and training on new software or new tasks. Talk to your employees about their experiences with training at your organization. 

Recognize your employees’ accomplishments, skills, and talents 

Recognition is a critically important motivator and factor in employee engagement. Some research suggests that recognition, monetary or otherwise, may be more instrumental in improving employee engagement than even a raise in salary. Recognition can be as simple as taking the time to stop by an employee’s desk and complement them on an idea they brought up in a meeting, personally. Recognition can be public or private, casual or formal. What’s important is that your employees feel that their efforts are being recognized.  

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