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How to improve your visitors' center by using customer feedback

Posted by Nicola Evans on Aug 11, 2014 6:37:00 AM
Nicola Evans

If you run a visitor center, tourist attraction, stadium tours or football stadium tours then this is a must read. A quick and simple way to increase foot traffic, spending and repeat visitors to your business using a real life example of one of our clients:

A drinks company opened a visitor center to enhance and develop their competitive advantages by educating potential customers in an experiential environment about their brand and products.

The Problem
Running a visitor center is a very different proposition to running a drinks company or pub chain. While the management knew the ingredients for a good pint of beer, their top selling chips or pub experience, they had no way of knowing what people thought about their new visitor center.

Visitor numbers were lower than desired so management wanted to know how they could improve the experience to encourage more visitors and/or repeat visits.

The Solution
The visitor center is located in a city center so by using SurveyMe’s geo-location feature they ‘pinned’ a public survey that could be accessed by anyone with the app in the city center. This survey could be utilized while shopping, eating in restaurants and cafes.
Visitors on the tour were also encouraged by the guide to download the SurveyMe app, give feedback and get a reward to enjoy in the food area after the tour. For those without a smart device, the tour guide handed them a mini-tablet with the survey pre-loaded at the end of the tour.

The Results and Benefits
Offering a reward meant virtually everyone stayed to claim their reward (a free soft drink) and bought at least one other drink. This dramatically increased the visitor center's revenue.
Because the feedback was in real-time, anything minor that needed improvement could be done the same day before the next tour.

What the feedback showed management was the tour was received well once visitors were there, but people were not likely to visit more than once in a year. Management's biggest challenge is finding more people to visit and recommend it or to put on special events to bring people back to the center more often.

The ‘public’ survey acted a virtual advertising board for people who were not aware of the visitor center. Plus offering rewards meant those who already visited were offered an incentive to return with discounts and special offers.

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