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How rewards can keep your customers lingering

Posted by SurveyMe on Jun 28, 2016 1:00:00 PM

A major sporting stadium in the UK had a unrealized potential problem. They knew exactly where a revenue source could be expanded, but the question was how.

Every game day, 7,000 out of the 60,000 spectators order drinks from bars at many of the stadium’s hospitality lounges. The stadium knew, through research, that a majority of these drinks were bought before kick-off, half-time and meal time.

At the end of the game, customers would typically leave through the lounges and head into the local city to search out a bar or restaurant. The stadium realized they should incentivise customers to stay in the stadium's lounges as long as possible after the game ends.

The stadium calculated it could earn £7 for each person who remained in the lounge post-match instead of heading into the city. The potential income was around £40,000 a day or £0.75 million per season.




Instead of traditional advertising or coupons for post-game drinks, the stadium decided to offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal in the post-game lounge. This deal was in exchange for customer feedback using SurveyMe.

The first day only 5% took advantage of the offer, but by day six about 40% were collecting their free drink. On top of that, the stadium did a deal with a drink brand to promote their drink as the reward. This cost the company nothing, since the brand enjoyed the extra exposure.

The management team estimates within the first six matches, the promotion increased their revenue by about £70,000 per match across all lounges, just by using simple rewards. Customers also increased the amount of time they spent the lounge by over 60 minutes.  

The drink sponsor appreciated the promotion via the reward and thus allowed it to run in other parts of the stadium. The cost of the reward to the stadium remained free.

On top of all the extra revenue, the stadium gained valuable feedback from their customers using SurveyMe. Try your hand at increasing your business’ profits with SurveyMe, today.

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