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How Google Sees Value in Real-Time Feedback

Posted by Nicola Evans on Jun 22, 2015 9:29:00 PM
Nicola Evans

We recently read an article about Google launching quick user feedback survey’s inside Google Play Store and we already know they launched ‘Google Rewards Opinions’ to survey large communities of users of their products in return for a small Play Store credit. So this got us thinking and actually it made us feel pretty good as it shows that even a relatively small company like SurveyMe are ahead of Google!


We have been banging the drum for years about why businesses, across all industries, should get ‘feedback at the point of experience' to increase profitability and aid growth and why business should give rewards, large or small, for that feedback. So now that Google have finally jumped on the band wagon we're hoping that we will see an explosion of businesses realising, they too need to start ‘Rewarding Feedback’ to help them grow and prosper. 


Whether this explosion materializes or not, time will tell but it sure will be interesting to watch what happens over the coming months.


Have you responded using any of Google’s feedback methods, if so please let us know. Does it make you think, well if a company as huge as Google realizes it needs to get real-time feedback, well I need to do the same? We are interested to hear from you.


Topics: Business & Marketing, Survey Strategies

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