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How consistency can improve customer satisfaction

Posted by Ethan Hawkes on Sep 27, 2016 8:00:00 AM
Ethan Hawkes
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Consistency has never been an exciting topic when it comes to management. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely important one, especially in the context of customer satisfaction. It’s also important because the sort of stable consistency that increases customer satisfaction requires the cooperation from all parts of your organization, from marketing manager to retail representative.

Understanding the customer journey

Customers have more ways to engage with brands and organizations than ever before. With nearly every customer having a social media account, there are hundreds of ways customers can interact directly with brands. The more interactions a customer can have with a company, the less value they place on individual interactions. Instead, they view these interactions as clusters, which in turn form their cumulative experience. This cumulative experience can be referred to as the customer journey.

Why it’s important to improve the customer journey

Research indicates that customers value the overall experience of customer service as opposed to individual interactions. For example, a restaurant may go above and beyond one night for a particular customer. Unfortunately, the customer will remember all the other times they visited the restaurant and were greeted with mediocre service.

Furthermore, improving customer journeys can improve customer satisfaction significantly - up to twenty percent. It can also have a positive impact on returns on investment.
But how should companies go about improving the customer journey?

Consistency is the number one way to improve your customers’ journeys

Studies have shown that there’s a strong correlation between customers’ perceptions of consistency and their perceptions of an organization’s performance. Furthermore, lower rated companies demonstrate a great deal more variability in their customer experience than companies that have high customer satisfaction rates.

Types of consistency

Consistency in all of its many forms must be considered as ways to improve the customer journey. It’s not enough for your products to be consistent. Face-to-face interactions must be consistent. Marketing communications with customers must be consistent. Service must be consistent. The way your company addresses customer complaints and issues must be consistent.

In order to achieve a great customer journey for your clients, it’s important to be continually measuring their satisfaction level. High satisfaction levels generally indicate you’re succeeding at providing your customers with consistently positive experiences. If customer satisfaction is decreasing, however, consistency should be one of the first issues you address in order to improve satisfaction levels.


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