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Customer Satisfaction Surveys are linked to Customer Relationships

Posted by SurveyMe on Jul 12, 2016 12:53:53 PM

While customers and brands have always had complex relationships, it has been exceedingly difficult to measure and analyse those relationships in the past. However, today we have access to incredibly sophisticated (yet easy to use!) tools that can help us to better understand, measure, and manage those relationships. That’s good news for companies and customers alike, when companies are meeting customer expectations.


It is a new era in customer relationship expectations


With new power to manage customer relationships more effectively, also comes greater expectations from customers. Customers are now used to brands engaging with them, and encouraging them to engage. These engagments are unique to the context of each type of relationship. Google and Apple fans expect their relationship needs to be met, but probably in different ways.


This gives companies fantastic opportunities to improve customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, if companies aren’t meeting expectations, customer satisfaction can rapidly decrease.


Manage customer relationships meaningfully


The first and most important step to improving how a company manages customer relationships is to actually know where the company stands with their customers. It’s actually shocking just how few companies really take this to heart.


There’s no real way to improve customer relationships unless you know how your customers feel about those relationships. While companies naturally have some responsibility in setting relationship expectations, it is ultimately up to the consumer to decide what sort of relationship they want.


To understand what sort of relationship your customers want, you need to know their current satisfaction level with your services. If their satisfaction level is high, you can continue using the same or similar strategies to build even stronger customer relationships. But if satisfaction is low, then you need to take a look at what sort of relationship you’re presenting to customers, and why that relationship isn’t meeting their expectations.


Listen to your customers’ signals


Customer satisfaction surveys are perhaps the most straightforward and effective method of learning how your customers feel in terms of their relationship with your brand. However, customer satisfaction surveys are useless unless your company actually bases its strategy on your customer's responses. A customer satisfaction survey is not in itself a complete relationship strengthening plan—it’s the foundation for one.


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