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Are you on the fast track to customer feedback?

Posted by Nicola Evans on Aug 29, 2017 9:49:00 AM
Nicola Evans

Have you ever asked your customers directly what they think about you, your products, your team or your services? Or does your feedback system make you feel like you’ve missed the train and delivered too little, too late?


Surveying your current customers or clients for their opinions is a tried and true method of finding out how your customer service measures up. In the early days of business, the owner would ask a customer face-to-face what they thought of their product or service, but how honest and accurate would a face-to-face conversation be? Today, we have anonymous surveys. Use these to ask customers to complete a questionnaire about their most recent customer experience with your company.

Online versions of customer feedback surveys are an excellent way for e-commerce businesses to get feedback. If you have a bricks-and-mortar storefront, you could print off a stack of customer service surveys for use when a customer is physically there.

Accuracy is important

Customer service surveys may also be sent out through email to your business’s mailing list. However, here is a note of caution regarding mailing questionnaires and internet web-based surveys. You are trying to capture honest objective feedback, yes?

Imagine the last time you were out shopping in a supermarket and you could have given feedback while waiting to purchase your goods at the check-out. Instead, you only got the email when you got home. Do you remember how you felt during and directly after your experience with the supermarket? Did outside influences or the amount of time that had passed change your opinion in a way that was different to how you felt earlier in the store?

The key to getting the most accurate customer feedback is to collect it as close intime and distance to the transaction as possible. And that’s where survey app technology for smartphones has a distinct advantage over internet website surveys. Also, because survey app technology processes all data in real-time you get the feedback quicker than you would wading through a pile of paper questionnaires.


You can encourage people to fill out your customer service survey by offering them a reward for doing so, such as a drawing or a discount coupon to be applied to their current or next purchase. This ensures accurate data. Most customers leave surveys only after a super positive or negative experience, missing the silent majority's opinion.

Having stated the positives about technology, never forget that personal conversations with customers can also be revealing. When you’re in your store or at a job site, engage the customer/client in a conversation about the level of customer service she experienced. All customer service research doesn’t have to be formal -- ad-hoc conversations can be useful sources of information, too.

Move quickly

Customer surveys are easy to set up and do not take a whole lot of effort to run. If you create a survey as soon as possible, you can start collecting feedback as soon as possible and turn it into actionable data.   

Request a demo today so you can experience true ‘point of experience‘ feedback and see how it can save your company money.

For more information, download our eBook on How To Create An Effective Customer Survey

How to create an effective customer survey - ebook

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