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Michelle Kratzer

Michelle Kratzer

Recent Posts

What Employees Really Want - 8 Employee Retention Policies to Implement Now

What do the greediest and most generous entrepreneurs have in common? If they are savvy enough to invest in employee happiness, it will benefit their bottom line. Happy employees are 20% more productive, happy salespeople are 37% more lucrative. Why ...

How to Discover Your SuperUser

It’s the stuff dreams are made of: a special group of customers who buy and use your products so often that they become user experts, going on to promote your product, educate others on its best uses, recruit new users, and provide input on needed ...

How to find the hidden influencer to seal your business deal

Have you ever perfectly pitched your product, complete with facts and figures backing up each point, only to realize that your audience has no decision making power, and that you are no closer to making a sale? What a waste!

Using Live Events to Hype Your Brand

A Live Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

Crafting Your Selling Story.

Our brains are hardwired to absorb stories. We assimilate information in the context of who, what and why, and begin to form an emotional attachment to the outcome. So why are so many of us stuck on presenting facts and figures to advance our ...

Challenger Marketing Declares War on Your Status Quo

Here at SurveyMe, we applaud disruptors - those who challenge our current thinking by presenting new information that helps our businesses become more profitable or make our processes more efficient. 6 years ago, co-authors Brent Adamson and Matthew ...

Are you a Game Changer? The Strategy of Insight Sales

Do you like to go with the flow, tiptoe in the shadows and fly under the radar? If so, Insight Sales is not for you. Insight sales is based on persuading clients to break with their outdated, faulty business strategies in exchange for new solutions. ...

The Solution to Solution Selling

You looked at a problem and saw an opportunity. You formulated a solution that works, and works well; but how do you get the word out so that consumers find your solution? Welcome to Solution Selling.

Turns Out there ARE Stupid Questions: Learn How to Ask the Right Ones

Stop asking stupid questions...on surveys There is no such thing as a stupid question. But what about a stupid question choice? That, unfortunately, is problematic. I understand your quest for customer feedback -- it’s crucial to the life of your ...

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